Communicate your products and services to your ideal clients with clear B2B sales copy.

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Use strategic B2B copy to connect with your ideal clients.

Communicating B2B services and products should be treated differently than B2C communication.


The B2B sales journey is different—it’s longer, it involves multiple decision makers, and it takes ongoing nurturing on your end. 


What does that mean for you? Endless copy projects that inevitably fall on your shoulders.


You spend hours staring at a blank document and end up typing a buzzword-stuffed brick of copy that doesn’t even convey what you really do. Sound familiar? 


It doesn’t have to be that way.

I break down your most complex B2B topics and turn them into engaging & useful long-form content.

I’m Kaleigh (kay-lee). For the past eight years, I’ve written successful online content B2B companies across the country. I help brands uncomplicate their products and services to create digestible, engaging content that sells. 


B2B businesses have a reputation that they can’t have a brand voice—having any fun with their copy comes off as “unprofessional”. 




People like buying from people they can relate to. People that are doing something different. People that take the time to create content that is real, simple, and tells them exactly what they can expect. 


So, why not give it to them? 


Breaking down complex topics into digestible content helps everyone win. I can help you win with B2B copy that converts. 

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My Recent B2B Work


This local, high-end insurance company was looking to increase their overall online traffic. It was my goal to help revamp their online content with a casual and fun tone, without diminishing their quality of work. Using SEO best practices and extensive research, I was able to create a series of compelling, optimized content for over 25 services ranging from 250-1,000 words each. I also created two SEO-optimized blog posts to further target competitive keywords for the business.



The topics of insurance and financial planning can be daunting—especially for business owners. There can be a lot of looming questions. Putting those questions out in the open with engaging, digestible answers can cut that confusion and establish trust with the purchaser. 



Each individual page gives a brief introduction of what the service is and how it can benefit the purchaser. Then, working with the designer and the client, we made the most pressing questions highlighted with engaging answers to build trust and give the purchaser more of a reason to move forward in the sales journey. Blog posts highlighted those questions to give more in depth information while targeting valuable keywords.


B2B Copywriting Services

Long-Form Articles / Blog Posts

Over 1,000 words of rich, SEO content that educates and persuades readers.

Complete Guides & White Papers

Establish your brand as a trusted resource with highly educational and engaging guides. 


E-Books / Workbooks

Go in-depth with topics in your industry, sharing unique insider information. 


Case Studies

Share your past success stories and gain the respect of new customers. 


Landing Pages

Quickly grab the attention of customers and increase conversions.

Starting at $150/1,000 words.