Brand Strategy

I believe that every brand has their own way of communicating with their audience. Whether it’s straight-forward, flowery, or somewhere in the middle, I am able to develop and maintain a fluid brand voice and tone and publish it throughout a wide variety of mediums. In the projects below, you will see the strategy I have put in place to translate a brand’s goals through concise and engaging web copy.


Deep Pocket Jean Company


This local men’s clothing store and barber shop was looking to bring their clothing, jeans, and accessories online.

With little existing online presence, I set out with the goal of creating a voice for this e-commerce client. I created a series of engaging, witty, and casual content to appeal to their Millennial-male audience that has helped catapult their business to new levels. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 7.35.31 PM.png

CREATING THE VOICE: This client came to us with little website presence, but major potential. Their clothing, staff, and physical store, gave me the inspiration I needed to create a witty, engaging, and young voice for this brand. 

Throughout the site, I created a series of Millennial-inspired taglines and slogans, that will register with this demographic to increase conversion.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: Because this client had no previous online or e-commerce presence, I drafted a series of product descriptions for a wide variety of products, including jeans, candles, shirts, jackets, and more, matching the overall voice and tone of the brand.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 7.36.11 PM.png

STRATEGIC LANDING PAGES: To help this client rank, our SEO team developed a robust local target keyword strategy. We worked together to weave high ranking terms within the site by creating a series of instructional care guides as strategic landing pages. These guide not only furthered our SEO strategy but also gave us ample opportunity to help the brand connect with their audience through engaging content. I crafted all of these guide with the client’s voice and tone in mind, making them relatable and useful to the readers.

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